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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Contractors' Strategic Plan

I was the one that found that the contractors had established a "Strategic Plan", which raised concerns that they were looking into affecting our upcoming election. It is publicly posted on the MCA Website. http://www.mcamw.org/aboutus.php#strategicplan

Under STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES and then 2009 STRATEGIC PLAN you will find the following:

B. Through management’s legal counsel, we will clarify "management rights" during negotiations and union elections:

1. What can we communicate to workers during contract ratifications?
2. Can contractors give incentives to union employees to encourage them to vote in an election?
3. What can contractors do to encourage participation in union elections?

C. During 2008 –2009… At the end of the June 2009 election, suggest that the newly elected officers of 602 go to dinner with the 2009 Board of Directors and invite Local 5 officers to attend.

You could argue that the contractors have a right to plan for the next negotiations in 2010 but what the heck are they talking about when they bring up our Union election? Perhaps some candidates are comfortable with their language but your President is not.

John P. Sullivan

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