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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ron O'Bier's Endorsements

Ron lists two endorsements in his bid to unseat Kevin Sullivan as the Business Agent of Local 602. The first is Bernie Thornberg, the former Apprentice School Coordinator. The second is former Business Manager, Mickey Lucas. Let’s examine them one at a time. Some of this may appear as "ancient history" but it is applicable to our Union officers' election on Monday, June 1st at the Apprentice School. (12-6:30 PM).

Bernie knows full well that when the first Apprentice School Coordinator was hired in 1972, that it was fully understood that the Apprentice School had to function outside of the politics of the Local Union. Bernie also knows that James R. Sullivan, Kevin’s father, had to resign from his job as the Assistant Business Manager of Local 602 in order to become the first Coordinator. Bernie further knows that he had to resign as the Recording Secretary of Local 602 to become the second Apprentice School Coordinator in 1974. Bernie knows that I was asked to resign as President if I wanted to succeed him.

Unfortunately, the politics have been allowed to creep back in under the design of the current Coordinator, Ron O’Bier. Ron did not resign as the current Apprentice Coordinator in preparation for his bid for full time office. Nor did his assistants in order to run for Local 602 Business Representative and Organizer and the Recording Secretary of Local 602. All three of them believe that they have nothing to loose by running this time and every time thereafter. They all believe that they can go right on with their jobs at the Apprentice School without suffering any penalty.

On the second endorsement, Mickey Lucas, let us understand that Mickey has opposed every Sullivan that has run for office in Steamfitters Local 602. He opposed my father, James R. Sullivan. He opposed my brother, Kevin Sullivan. He has opposed me as President of Local 602. Mickey is continuing a one sided, nearly fifty year old, feud. You will have to ask him why he is still so bitter, after all these years.

Yes, Mickey was our former Business Manager. But you should know that he was driven out of office by the rank and file members when he betrayed us in the mid 80’s. He first tried to give back the second year raise to the contractors but the membership rebelled and he pulled back. Then he successfully gave back the last year’s raise. We lost a buck fifty an hour under his leadership. He was defeated when he ran again for Business Manager. Ron may be the only member desperate enough to win office to seek and then gain his endorsement.

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  1. Thanks for putting things in such great "Historical" context for us all John.

    History has such valuable lessons to teach, for those who are "open minded"...

    I will be supporting you on Election day!

    By the way, had It not been for the fact that I am presently gearing up to start my own 602 HVAC Service buisness...I was seriously considering and being asked by many of the members to run for Buisness Manager/Financial Secretary.

    I'll see you at the polls!

    Best Regards!

    Ken Howard