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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Aftermath of the Local Union Election

Congratulations to everyone that chose to run for office. No matter what was your platform or what was your results; you chose to step forward to strengthen our Local Union when others did not. You should be applauded for your efforts.

Congratulations to everyone that came out to vote in your Local Union election. The turnout was approximately 25%, the same as most past Local Union elections.

I once lost by 1 vote to be elected to the Executive Board. I was angry for about 24 hours and then reality tapped me on the shoulder. That one vote was there on election day. I personally failed to make a difference in their mind. That wasn't their fault, it was mine.

Our next election is two years away. We will vote for Delegates to the International Convention of the United Association in June, 2011. Before you throw everything out, I suggest that you take notes. What worked? What did not? Write down every person's name that you witnessed that voted before you forget. Be a better candidate next time. That applies to everyone who was successful or not.

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