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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Virginia Election Results

November 3, 2009 was not a good day for a majority of the Labor endorsed candidates. Our candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General all lost, so too did 9 of the twenty 24 endorsed candidates for the House of Delegates. Listed below are the fifteen Labor endorsed candidates who successfully earned a two-year term in the House of Delegates.

District 35 -- Mark Keam
District 36 -- Ken Plum
District 37 -- David Bulova
District 38 -- Kaye Kory
District 39 -- Vivian Watts
District 41 -- Dave Marsden
District 43 -- Mark Sickles
District 44 -- Scott Surovell
District 45 –- David Englin
District 46 -- Charniele Herring
District 47 -- Patrick Hope
District 48 -- Bob Brink
District 49 -- Adam Ebbin
District 52 -- Luke Torian
District 53 -- Jim Scott

Voter turnout (39.8%) was the lowest for a statewide election in 40 years. Half of the voters below the age of 30 who turned out in 2008 failed to vote in this election. African American and Latino turnout also dropped significantly. Whereas these two groups represented 30% of the vote in 2008, they represented only about 22%this year. The one group that did increase was those voters who were over the age of 60. It was reported that they turned out at twice the rate that they did in 2008.

Exit polls gauged the independent vote at 33% of the total vote. According to those same polls, ninety-one percent of those that considered themselves as Liberals voted for Creigh Deeds and the Democratic ticket. Ninety-one percent of those that considered themselves as Conservatives voted for Bob McDonnell and the Republican ticket. Those that considered themselves as Moderates split more evenly with 53% going for Deeds and 47% going for McDonnell. The exit polls revealed that 46% said that the state of the economy and jobs were their number one concern. Twenty-five percent listed health care as their number one concern. Fourteen percent listed taxes and six percent listed transportation as their number one concern.

Congratulations to all of the candidates. America grows stronger with every free election. Let’s hope that those that were successful in this election can work effectively to keep Virginia as one of the best-managed states in the country.

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