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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


As I feared, three of the dead were members of the United Association Local 777. Please follow the link to a New York Times newstory printed this past week on the slain men. They were not just workers, they were flesh and blood members of their communities.


A fund has been set up for the victims' families. Open up your hearts and write a check to help support the families in their time of need. I would urge you to include a note which makes mention of your residence and what affiliation you care to add. I believe that it will mean a lot for the families to know that support was given from near and far.

Address your checks to the Local 777 Victims' Benevolent Fund and send them to:

Local 777 Victims' Benevolent Fund
C/O Local 777
1250 East Main Street
Meriden, CT. 06450

John P. Sullivan
President, UA Steamfitters Local 602

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