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Monday, August 2, 2010


The only mention that I find of CAUSE in our contract is on page 2 of the Communication & Productivity Trust Fund document, which explains that, the C & P Fund supports the cost of CAUSE. Every working member is TAXED four cents an hour to support the C & P Fund, which, in turn, funds CAUSE. That adds up to over a quarter million dollars a year. That's some pretty expensive rope that we've purchased and then chosen to tie ourselves up with.

Now, let’s read on further. It says that the funding of CAUSE continues for as long as “that Program remains in being”. Hmmm! I wonder how long is that? Oh, wow, look at this on page 7, of the C & P Fund tab…“This (C & P) Trust may be terminated when there is no longer in force a collective bargaining agreement requiring payments into the Fund”.

With great sadness I must announce the first casualty of the Battle of 2010. CAUSE’s sugar daddy stepped on a landmine at midnight, July 31, 2010. It is rumored that when the dust settled the Rebels yelled out their battle cry…


An autopsy will be performed when an armistice is declared. A top to bottom financial audit should be part of the examination. We need to know how, when and where our three quarters of a million dollars TAX (collected since 2007) was used. Perhaps it would have been better spent, as Brother J. D. suggested, to stock our armory, by establishing a STRIKE FUND.

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