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Friday, August 13, 2010


Since I have not changed the header on this Blog since I designed it over a year ago, what part of “AN UNOFFICIAL DISCUSSION OF MATTERS CONCERNING THE MEMBERS OF LOCAL 602” was or is confusing to any officer or member of Local 602 or for that matter, any member of the general society? I purposely chose to avoid any confusion in the design. I did not use the logo of either the Local Union or the International. I have never stated that my comments were in any way an official representation of Local 602’s view. And of course, this free blog has never impacted on the resources of the Local Union.

With that said, it is my understanding that a discussion of this Blog was part of the contract deliberation this week. I find this very disheartening. I would rather have heard that the contractor representatives would have involved themselves in serious and fruitful negotiations.

We are still stuck at a wage proposal by the contractors that would not cover the projected needs of our Pension, Medical, and Apprentice Training Funds. They are still insisting that we either cut our take home pay or take money out of our Annuity Fund. I will take the liberty to explain that our Business Manager has said publicly that we will not go backwards.

The members have rejected the wage proposal. They have authorized the Business Manager to call a strike. In a straw vote they have signaled their desire for a one year agreement with an offer of between two and three dollars an hour and have rejected a consideration of arbitration.

It is time to stop this silly dance and get back to negotiating a fair contract. That is and remains a JUST CAUSE.


  1. Information is power. I am mainly kept informed by this blog the newsletter and the facebook page since I am unable to attend meetings due to having my kids full time. Its hard to spread misinformation through outlets like this and facebook because a name is always put to it, not just random hersey. I for one thank you for this blog it does me a great service especially in times like these.

  2. I can't wait for this song and dance to be over. It seems Like Joe is not hearing us for some reason or doesn't care. Why is that?