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Sunday, October 10, 2010

On The Question of Retroactive Pay

We have worked for nearly 10 weeks at last year’s wages. A just and fair settlement has to take retroactive pay under consideration. As this point is debated we need to make clear to our members that negotiations have been interrupted twice for weeks at a time at the request of the MCA. On one of those occasions, the request was made so one of the negotiators could go to Hawaii for several weeks to check on his properties.

We have members that are barely able to maintain rent payments or make their mortgage payments on the only home that they may ever own. I personally will have a difficult time asking any member of Local 602 to ratify a final agreement that does not include retroactive pay.

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  1. I felt early on that we should have accepted the 55/95 offer and expressed my opinion both to Kevin and Bill. I know the contractor I work for has not been charging for past hours and any retro pay would have to come out